Best bitcoin casinos for mobile devices

Best bitcoin casinos for mobile devices

The ability to gamble from mobile devices has brought extreme benefits to the online gambling industry. And no, it’s not just that users can now bet while sitting on the toilet. Although, come to think of it, that’s an important factor, too.

If you believe, about nine out of ten internet users in China access the web via mobile devices. That’s about 695 million people who pay bills, communicate with loved ones and entertain themselves every day without letting go of their smartphone.

Global «mobile» internet numbers are also impressive: nearly half (49.74%) of website views around the world are made from smartphones and tablets, according to What’s more, this share is growing year over year.

As the cryptocurrency industry keeps up with technological advances, mobile versions of top bitcoin casinos are constantly improving. Was the menu of your favorite gambling site floating around on your phone screen yesterday? Try it today — it’s quite possible that it’s all tip-top now.

And if your favorite isn’t there, pick something from the list at random. These casinos have done a good job on their mobile versions.

Beware: no one promises you’ll want to play poker, slots, roulette, and other games from your desktop computer again.

Advantages of bitcoin casinos for mobile devices

The growth of mobile users is leading to improvements in online casinos, yes. But what causes that very growth? There seem to be a few very understandable reasons.

  • — Convenience and practicality. In today’s world, smartphones rarely leave our reach, as our lives are often tied tightly to them (communications, banking, apps to record the number of squats a day and the like). This means that a long line to the dentist or a bus ride to grandma’s house in the countryside can be made shorter by spending time playing your favorite games of chance. And you can play without getting out from under a cozy blanket. Convenient!
  • — Instant access to betting. Fans of live betting (that is, during the match) will quickly understand the importance of this advantage. Can’t watch your favorite event because of a date, work or a sudden trip to the bowling alley with old friends? No problem, bitcoin casinos for smartphones will let you spy the results of the game from time to time and make your own predictions on the outcome. The main thing is not to react too dramatically, otherwise the people around you may get scared.
  • — The ubiquity of wireless networks. Even if the fiber optic civilization has not yet had time to touch the same village, the mobile coverage there for sure will be. And a laptop with a modem will not have to be dragged — the world of excitement is available on the screen of a pocket gadget.
  • — Similar functionality. Get rid of the perception of mobile versions as something «cut» and inferior — it’s not the early 2010s. More often than not, you will find an identical version of the resource, but adapted for smartphones and tablets.

Remember that the chances of getting BTC when playing from a smartphone are the same as from a personal computer. Don’t come to gambling to make money — it’s an entertainment industry. Play wisely!

How to choose the best cryptocurrency casino for phones?

First of all, pay attention to the selection criteria suggested in the article about the top bitcoin casinos. Their importance ranges from critical to «at your discretion».

In addition to these points, you should also try out the gambling site on your own smartphone or tablet. This will take a minimum of time and help you form your own opinion of the portal. We advise you to start with the above list of BTC-casinos.

What should iPhone/iPad owners do?

Since Apple is phasing out the Adobe Flash Player technology (per Steve Jobs’ precepts), gamers with «apple» gadgets have problems accessing mobile versions of bitcoin casinos. While Android users can take it easy and play for bitcoins from their phone in any browser, owners of iOS devices will have to look for an alternative, faced with flash applications.

Fortunately, it’s not that bad. All you need to do is install a special browser that supports Flash on your iPhone and iPad. Some of these apps are Photon Browser and Puffin. Check out their features and choose the one that suits you best. Or look for another one.