Anonymous bitcoin casino games

Anonymous bitcoin casino games

In many cases, casino players switch from traditional fiat payment systems to cryptocurrencies because of the speed and cost of transfers. The ability to play casinos anonymously with bitcoins is another appealing aspect of cryptocurrency gambling. There are other side benefits of cryptocurrency gambling, but let’s focus on player privacy.

The privacy issue worries a fair number of crypto casino visitors. Filling out the form fields with personal information, the player willy-nilly wonders: how securely will this data be stored? Where are the guarantees that mailing addresses and phone numbers are not publicly available? In the sections with the privacy policy is not always possible to find specific answers to such important questions.

At the same time, some bitcoin casinos assure their users that they can play anonymously for cryptocurrency on their gaming sites. Somewhere they reduce the amount of data required to register a new account, somewhere they offer simplified verification or something like that. There are places that do not require any personal information from the user.

Against the backdrop of conventional online resources, such sites get a reputation as anonymous bitcoin casinos. They look very attractive to people who are dissatisfied with the sites’ policy regarding personal data of users. In addition, anonymous cryptocurrency casinos allow you to save time and money on transactions, which only contributes to their growing popularity.

What does anonymity in crypto casino games mean for ordinary players? In this piece, we will try to understand the peculiarities of such an approach and find out how anonymous Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are.

Advantages of anonymous cryptocurrency gambling

Different players pay attention to different factors. What is considered an advantage for one category of bitcoin casino players may be an inconvenience for another. Still, there are a number of features of anonymous gaming sites that most crypto gamblers will enjoy.

Registration in a few clicks

If the portal does not need detailed data for each new user, registration is much faster. This allows you to immediately plunge into the casino games without having to enter your phone number, city, street and other personal information. Often it’s just enough to come up with a username, email and come up with a password.

There’s even room for innovation. For example, a cryptocurrency casino can automatically create a basic account for each website visitor. Such an account will have a name-identifier, but the user will have to specify at least an e-mail for the account to be saved.

There is even registration in one click. Thus, on the site of the crypto bookmaker 1xBit to register it is enough to click on the appropriate button. It is even possible to specify a promo code in the process. After that, the user himself decides how he will enter in the future: with ID, mail, password or two-factor authentication.

Some bitcoin casinos allow you to create an anonymous account without verification, but require these data later. An example of such a portal is Cobra Casino. A visitor can quickly register and start playing for free. With such a profile, he will be able to run casino games in demo mode with free «fan» currency. But if he wants to make a deposit, he will still have to specify a number of personal data.

Fast payments

The speed of payments depends not only on the technical features, but also on whether or not one will have to enter additional data to make a transfer. If a bitcoin casino doesn’t ask for personal information during the deposit and withdrawal process, it can speed up the process considerably. Especially since many cryptocurrencies already provide lightning-fast transactions.

Lack of verification

Anonymous cryptocurrency casinos do not require verification when registering. This makes the site visitor much closer to the casino games. He doesn’t have to spend a few minutes entering data or even uploading images of documents. No, just spend a few moments to create an account and you can play slots and table games anonymously.

Such a privilege is even available on «mixed» portals, where you can play for both cryptocurrency and fiat money. To do this, you have to choose one of the cryptocurrencies available in the online casino during registration. If difficulties arise, you can even contact support and inform them of your intention to create a purely cryptocurrency account.

Most crypto casinos reserve the right to request verification in exceptional cases. This can be spelled out in the terms of use even on those portals that allow deposits and withdrawals without verification. This happens when there is a suspicion of fraudulent or illegal actions on the part of the user of anonymous bitcoin casino.